Paint Out featured at Scottsdale Fall for the Arts

Scottsdale galleries are planning a “Quick Draw” for Saturday, Nov. 10 as their part in Scottsdale’s multi-event “Fall for the Arts,” which is running Nov. 8-10. In the style of an old-fashioned shootout, Main Street will be closed for its 10am Paint Out with 30 artists using paints & brushes instead of guns & bullets. Artists will paint or sculpt intensely for two hours and then watch as their original works get auctioned off at High Noon – while the paint’s still wet! – right smack dab in the center of Main Street in Downtown Scottsdale, between Scottsdale Road and Marshall Way. Simultaneously, 30 major art shows are planned in nearby galleries and there will be live music along the ArtWalk route. It’s all free to the public!

Fall for the Arts Weekend Shows

Amery Bohling Fine Art
Western Women and the Arts featuring Amery Bohling, Karen Budan and Amy Karnes – Nov. 8-10

Biltmore Galleries
Benjamin Wu and Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey Artists Reception – Nov. 8

Bonner David Galleries
10th Anniversary Show, featuring work by 30 artists – Nov. 8-10

Calvin Charles Gallery
Petite Group Exhibition of Small Works – Nov. 8

Colores by Wilde Meyer
Rough and Tumble, featuring Amy Watts, James Swanson and Paul Sheldon – Nov. 8

Expressions Gallery
Cowgirls of the West by Donna Howell Sickles Nov. 8-10

French Designer Jeweler
Robin Waynee  Jewelry Show & Christopher Brown Photography – Nov. 8-10

Joan Cawley Gallery
Michael Swearngin and Carol Ruff Franza – Nov. 8

Larsen Gallery
Sculpture Exhibit with Roger Asay and Rebecca Davis – Nov. 8

Legacy Gallery
International Artists Duo, Marina Dieul and Hsin-Yao Tseng – Nov. 8
Kenny McKenna One Man Show – Nov. 10

Marshall | LeKAE Gallery
Jordan Abernethy Sculptor  One Man Show – Nov. 8-10

Overland Gallery
Fiesta for the Amigos featuring Ed Mell, Joseph Lorusso, Gary Ernest Smith, G. Russell Case – Nov. 10

Scottsdale Exhibition Gallery
Elements of Gesture by Renee Vance and Alain Moulis – Nov. 8

Scottsdale Fine Art
Michael Maczuga Painting in the Gallery – Nov. 8-10

Signature Gallery
The Majesty of Light and Land Charles H. Pabst Show – Nov. 8-10

Touchstone Gallery
Arizona Mineral History Revealed – Nov. 8-10

Trailside Galleries
Fall Classics Show featuring major works by gallery artists
Showcase Z.S.Liang – Nov. 8-10

Wilde Meyer Gallery
People and Places of the West, artists include Amy Novelli, Ka Fisher, Chaille Trevor and Stephen Morath – Nov. 8

Xanadu Gallery
John Horejs, Dave Newman and John and Elli Milan Show and Demo – Nov. 8


Paint Out Artists
November 10th  10am – 12 noon

Amery Bohling Fine Art – Amy Karnes

Bezalel Art Gallery – Elena Eros

Biltmore Gallery – Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey, John Cox

Carstens Fine Art Gallery – Cyndy Carstens

Expressions Gallery – Donna Howell Sickles

Joan Cawley Gallery – Patrick Coffaro, Carol Ruff Franza

Legacy Gallery – Luke Frazier, Kenny McKenna, Alvin Marshall, Trevor Swanson, Bob Lemler

Marshall-LeKae Gallery – James Randle, Jordan Abernethy

May Gallery – Suzanne Nyberg

Method Art – Gilead, Bob Price

Open Range Gallery – Sherry Blanchard Stuart, Ron Stewart

Paul Scott Gallery – Larisa Aukon

Scottsdale Fine Art – Carol Swinney, Doug Diehl, Allen Garns

Signature Gallery – Charles Pabst

Trailside Galleries – Dan Mieduch, Dustin Van Wechel, Steve Atkinson, Cynthia Rigden

Wilde Meyer Gallery – Andrea Peterson

Xanadu  Gallery – John Horejs, John & Elli Milan

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